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Tax Options

I know that we all hate the tax rebate time of year (except a few tax specialist weirdos who love the season), but it is time that we start thinking about what we can do to get the most money we can.  I know that sounds greedy, but we all know its true.

There are important clues that we can take a hold of going into every new tax season.  First of all we should check the new tax refunds that have become available, because they tend to change every year.

Remember the stimulus last year?  Well turns out that this year you can still take advantage of it this year as long as you made less than you did last year.  I know, sweet right?!  There are many additional changes, like that of buying a home or refunds for children under 17.

I have attached a useful article that can help us to manage our taxes and get more of our hard-earned money back.  Be on the lookout for additional money savers that you can find in the tax law which adapts every year to new policies.

I hope that your tax year is the best one that you have had yet, but much of that will depend on you and your research on the topic.

Tax Credits Worth Pursuing this Year